Extravaganza topless Dj project Mata Hari is absolutely unique and organic for club culture.Mata Hari combines breathtaking physical fluidity with her consummate skill to dance and play music on the same time. Ukranian girl dj incorporates a topless aspect into her show. This topless aspect carries an insight into her choice of name Mata Hari, who used to say : “I do not undress for you, but cos I feel myself this way in the world” – not just exoticism for its own sake but to introduce people to a new aspect of beauty in art, and grace in music.


Best clubs all over the world are happy to invite DJ Mata Hari for their events. And all the club goers are happy to come on such occasions. You club can be the next she?ll play in! Feel free to send your query.


Ideal models form gives for topless DJ Mata Hari chance to have part of commercial and artistic photo shooting. Beautiful Topless djane also an adorable model and often participates works as model with famos photographers and studios, such as Konstantin Kirgincev,Yuriy Druchinin,Orhan Gunger,studio Cansored. And for sure there are a lot of photos sent to her by people shooting while she is playing her outstanding sets! But don?t waste your time ? seeing is believing.

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Orient house(spirit of oriental fier) is a unique club party concept which mixing fashion electronic house music and Middle Eastern sounds of darbuka and zurna with exotic Djs performance .
It consists of live acts of Sultans Harem go-go dancers, mystic fire show, live percussion and funky belly dance on a D J table. Orientalism (Orient house) with topless dj Mata Hari is absolutely right choice IF YOU WANT YOR EVENT TO BE HOT, EXOTIC and DIFERENT

Member of world sexiest dj duo Shah&mat

As well as her historical predecessor DJane Mata Hari is a double agent of two extreamly different but at the same time very sexy styles: she plays as single DJ and with her girlfriend as

ShahMat is a contrast of characters, plasticity, mood, music. And also the hair color. It?s really the duo of two queens: the day and the night, the light and the darkness, the past and the future?