Birthday of sexy dj Mata Hari

Birthday is only once a year, and even more so when you celebrate it in a tropical paradise place, where the hot sun has forces you to undress pretty with its tender touch! And this is exactly what to need for Birthday of sexy dj Mata Hari celebrating. It was in the second round of the sexiest dj duo Shah&mat tour on the Caribbean coast in exotic Belize!

Congratulations night began with champagne and impressive stage show Princess Casino in Belize City, in honor of Mata Hari, and continued in the night club “Elite” where was great sexy dj’show congratulating. The clock struck midnight and muscular swarthy Hercules carried in the birthday cake. Birthday girl thought the most secret wishes, and blew out the candles. Belize bohemians expect a miracle and it happened – Mata Hari gave all attendees the special cocktails colored Caribbean Sea, and present each guest with the glasses personally. Not only the relatives have given the gifts, but even admirers – beautiful swarthy strangers have!

The time has come to fire up! Sexy dance on the pylon is not news, but erotic dance with the pillar is only for the sexiest topless dj in the world! Attention, in any case, do not repeat this trick without safety equipment! Complex dance geometry: dj Mata Hari danced on a narrow border a few inches wide, attached to the pillar at a height of over a meter, dancing on the heels of 20 centimeters! Truly, only Ukrainian girls would stab like that!

The answer to this dance did not take long to appear! Blond topless dj duo was involved in the dance by local lively mulattos. This dance is called Punta – very erotic and cheeky dance which gives a full freedom of the body movements. No privacy – it really is a folk dance which is very popular in this part of the American continent.

The fun did not stop before daybreak, but no one even thought about sleeping, because in the morning the snow-white yacht was waiting for the female dj’s, carrying away the beauties to the trip of really Bounty – tour through the beautiful virgin islands of the Caribbean Sea – it was a gift of the night club “Elite “, symbolized by our sexy girl dj’s!



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