Not very Russian night

As the first generation of immigrants from the former Soviet Union growing up, Russian parties concept becoming more and more popular in Europe. The duo M.H.B.F., which was born not very long ago, visited two clubs in Switzerland at same weekend tour: «Mad wall street» in Zurich and Kriens. The duo B.F.M.H. should be considered as an ideal constellation of two independent and well-known Ukranian t-dj names. These are t-dj Baby Face ( t-dj Mata Hary( from which came the name B.F.M.H.
Up to this time, the same course traveled artists of ukranian girls djs booking agency such as dj Belena(,t- dj Mata Hari( , t-dj duo Shahmat( And an obvious question is “Why exactly Ukrainian girls DJs participate in the Russian party but not Russian girls?” After all, Russia is generous with the female DJs. And it looks like the sole reason is that on next day of party in the Russia presidential elections were held and the whole disco-gathering and club stars preferred the patriotic part in the great event in Russia to the tours.But there is other idea: Ukranian girls are most butiful in the World.

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